Our most economical sound-absorbing wall panel. Standard Panels create a comfortable environment by reducing noise reverberation. Durable enough for a gymnasium, attractive enough for a boardroom.

Standard Panels absorb a wide range of sound frequencies depending on the panel thickness.



Hard-Faced Panels offer excellent sound-absorbing properties and can be used as tackboards. A fiberglass facing sheet gives the Hard-Faced Panel a tackable, impact-resistant surface, while increasing sound absorption.


Baffles are effective noise control products for isolating noise and adding sound absorption to open ceiling systems. Baffles can be hung from existing ceiling grid systems, or hung from roof decks and bar joints in open ceilings. Fabric or vinyl covers all sides.


Clouds are independently hung, horizontally mounted, sound- absorbing panels. Clouds are ideal for lobbies or open ceiling areas that require excellent sound absorption and a decorative appearance. Clouds are hung using site installed RotofastTM cloud anchors. Clouds can be hung flat or at an angle for better design and acoustical effects.